About Us

About Us

Classified Ad Now is an online advertising platform that allows the users to post products and services that are targeted to their locality. For the searchers, they have the privilege to search unlimited ads. With our global access, we ensure that your ads are seen by anyone accessing our website irrespective of their location.

At Classified Ad Now, we seek to provide our clients with quality, creative strategic and customized advertising solutions. We are determined to improve the nature of advertising ease with minimal costs. Once you post your advertisement on our website, you allow it to be viewed by the millions of people that access our website. The more the exposure of your adverts the higher the chances of making a sale. We have a technical team that ensures that your ad postings are optimized as much as possible.

Classified Ad Now is a very easy advertising platform to use as all you need is to create an account. Due to the fact that all advertising is based on browsers, it gives you the freedom to choose the best formats for your adverts. With software such as the Adobe flash and shockwave, you are able to create attractive and outstanding adverts that your audience can interact with. You are able to modify and design your adverts to fit audience in different demographic groups and ages.

We seek to make the buying and selling of goods and services a hassle-free and smooth experience. Our team is ready to help you through the ad posting process and you can contact us at any time. With the help of impressions, clicks, and conversions, you are able to monitor which listings are performing and you can judge the effectiveness of your adverts.

We have designed our platform in a way that there will be instant messaging between the seller and a potential buyer thus you are able to market yourself better to a potential buyer before there is a loss of response due to delayed reply.


Classified Ad Now has the vision to become the premier advertising site in terms of effective market capture as well as the cost effectiveness. This is by lowering the cost of advertising while at the same time exposing your goods and services to a large number of our customer base.


To provide the users with quality, strategic, creative and innovative advertising solutions. We seek to increase your customer base exponentially.

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